Manrico has been studying and researching Cashmere since 1993 and has developed innovative techniques of transformation, where man and technology barely touch the material, leaving its invisible, yet essential substance and natural function intact.

Nature is the world's prime, infallible certitude, capable of giving us such an ethereal material as the very fine, white, structurally perfect fibre from the undercoat of the Alashan goats in Inner Mongolia.
Cashmere has extraordinary heat-regulating properties, which have evolved as a result of the goats' need to withstand the area’s high temperature excursions ranging from +50C° to - 50C°.

Super-Cashmere is the result of a meticulous selection of raw material.
The fibre we use measures 13.5 microns in diameter and is taken from Alashan goats under the age of 10 months, whose mother has produced material of no more than 14.9 microns during her lifetime.
The material is collected exclusively by delicately hand-combing the goat, using cruelty-free methods to protect the animal.

The work and technology used in the spinning, dyeing and weaving processes ensure an extremely fine, supple, hard-wearing yarn and the best combination of the structural knitting and fabric’s features.
The final touch is the finishing, which gives the material back its original morphological properties.
Each stage of the entire production process follows criteria of maximum sustainability.

We have been able to explore Nature’s perfection and treat it wisely, successfully creating an innovative product of exceptional beauty for your wellbeing: our Super-Cashmere, 100% Made in Italy.

Founder & CEO