Us & Our Cashmere

Cashmere, a great gift from nature.

In 1992, we established our first knitting company, focusing solely on Cashmere.

In 1998, after two years of planning, we opened a new factory based on a fully integrated vertical production process.

This was a fundamental undertaking that enabled us to control and perfect each step of the production process.

The mission was:
- Achieve the best possible quality.
- Reach the highest product innovation.

From 1999 to 2006, we extensively researched every element of the Cashmere production process including sourcing and selecting raw material from Inner Mongolia.

We discovered that the true “genius” of Cashmere is its unique thermo-regulating property - together with remarkable natural elasticity and lightness - making Cashmere the best fiber in nature.

Those incredible properties combined with new technologies allowed us to launch our SuperCashmere in 2016.

Always all 100% Made in Italy.