Us & Our Cashmere

Cashmere. A magnificent gift from nature. I was born and raised in a small town in Italy, Perugia. During my youth, cashmere was a “status symbol”, something one would dream of wearing. In 1977, when I was 14, I bought my first cashmere sweater using almost all the money I saved for my upcoming summer vacation. After these many years, I can still remember what I felt when I wore that cashmere sweater. The feeling, that deep sensation of beauty never left me. Since the beginning, when I started my knitting company in 1992, I’ve been driven to work only with cashmere.

I built a factory with a vertical production process in order to control each and every step, from the raw material up to the finished product, to achieve the highest possible quality. That was my goal when I started in 1992 and that is what was achieved by July 1998 with the opening of a 400,000 square foot factory in Perugia, Italy. This is where every single step of the cashmere production process was integrated. During that period, six years, I was also continuously traveling to the north of China (Inner Mongolia) to learn as much as possible about this incomparable raw material.

Early in 1999 with all the production tools available, my team and I began an intensive research and development process. At that time, cashmere was mainly used as a classic-seasonal product limited to the fall and winter. In researching the raw material’s morphological structure we immediately discovered that the fiber of cashmere is not only very thin - has a “beautiful touch” - but it is also particularly strong and resilient.
Furthermore, we discovered that undisputably, the best performance of the cashmere fiber is its thermo-regulating property. In fact, due to the particular structure of this fiber and its ability of gaining and losing almost 2/3 of its own specific weight, cashmere is the highest natural breathable material. Based on the fiber’s abilities described above, we’ve been able to spin, stretch and twist cashmere like it has never been done before. As a result, and due to a much thinner yarn, we’ve been able to apply cashmere for a much wider use in fabricating products and we made cashmere become seasonless. In addition to the extensive and intensive research activity, between 2000 and 2013 my factory worked with some of the major brands, the very talented top designers, who continuously challenged us in order to achieve something unusual and unique. It was a very important learning time!

By September 2014, after almost 22 years of transforming and fabricating cashmere into a wide range of different types of products (men, women and children’s clothing, leisure and sports apparel, bed sheets, home and interiors…) we cultivated the essence of this research experience and launched cashmere 2.0. This was done not for marketing purposes but was our very best effort to transform cashmere, allowing our customer to benefit from the real genius of this remarkable cashmere raw material, like a great architect usually does with the “genius loci” before starting to build anything.

With the launch of our E-Store and the opening of the new Madison Avenue boutique in Fall 2017, we are at the genesis of creating a new position: OUR brand, OUR Cashmere. Our mission is to provide men and women with the ultimate cashmere experience.

I am proud to say that everything we sell is produced in our factory, 100% made in Italy.

- Manrico